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By Liberty Mountain, Apr 10 2018 03:01PM

You know what day it is? It's #TriviaTuesday here at Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama! Did you know that John Sevier was charged with treason after the end of the Revolution? After the end of the war, North Carolina ceded its territory west of the Appalachian Mountains to the federal government, who did not initially accept them, creating a territorial vacuum that soon became the State of Franklin, named after Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin was flattered, but ultimately did not approve, writing in a letter to Sevier – “I am sensible of the honor which your Excellency and your council thereby do me. But being in Europe when your State was formed, I am too little acquainted with the circumstances to be able to offer you anything just now that may be of importance, since everything material that regards your welfare will doubtless have occurred to yourselves.”

After NC rescinded its order and tried to reclaim the territory, tensions came to a head, leading to what became known as the “Battle of Franklin.” After the battle, the State of Franklin dissolved, a warrant was issued for Sevier’s arrest by the governor of North Carolina. Sevier was subsequently captured near Jonesborough after attacking a store owner who refused to sell him liquor. However, the sheriff of Burke County, William Morrison, was a Kings Mountain veteran, and he released Sevier before the trial could begin. In 1789, Sevier took an oath of allegiance to North Carolina, and went on to become the first congressional representative from North Carolina’s 5th district, which encompassed the former state of Franklin, as well first governor of the new state of Tennessee after NC officially relinquished the territory.

The State of Franklin encompassed most of Northeastern Tennessee along the modern-day North Carolina border – including Wayne, Sullivan, Spencer, Washington, Greene, Caswell, Sevier, and Blount counties. Today, both Sevier County and Sevierville, Tennessee (birthplace of Dolly Parton) are named after John Sevier.

Watch firsthand as Sevier leads a group of men uphill to fight on top of Kings Mountain in our upcoming season of Liberty Mountain! Click here for performance dates and to purchase tickets.

By Liberty Mountain, Apr 3 2018 04:34AM

It's time for another #TriviaTuesday here at Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama! Did you know that "Bloody" Bill Cunningham, one of our show's most terrifying villains, was actually a real person? While his family were British loyalists, Cunningham originally fought for the Patriot cause, before changing sides to fight for the British after his family was killed by a Patriot militia in 1778.

After the death of his family, Bill headed North, torching homes and massacring civilian families throughout the South Carolina backcountry as he went. Cunningham escaped death at the Battle of Kings Mountain, and went on to command his own loyalist regiment of nearly 300 men, leading them on a brutal crusade throughout South Carolina that became known as "The Bloody Scout."

Despite his violent reputation and brazen tactics, Cunningham continually eluded capture and survived the war, dying a peaceful death in Nassau in 1787 at the age of 31. Come see a harrowing slice of Cunningham's bloody rampage unfold in the fifth epic season of Liberty Mountain! Click here for performance dates and to purchase tickets.

By Liberty Mountain, Jan 16 2018 09:07PM

We are now hiring for the 2018 Season of Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama! The Casting Team is seeking actors, singers, technicians, and wardrobe specialists for our 5th Anniversary Season.

Interested applicants may submit their audition or resume online, and may even reserve their spot at Local Auditions on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at 7:00pm. Liberty Mountain is proud to bring the best talent from the Carolinas (and across the nation) to the stage each summer.

We are seeking highly motivated team players that are passionate about theatre and bringing this epic story to life on stage. The production features an immersive projection design, live music, intense combat sequences, and loud explosions. It's time for you to "Join the Revolution!"

Click HERE for all of the details, and to submit your application today!

By Liberty Mountain, Aug 29 2017 03:56PM

Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama announces official dates for it's fifth season, playing in June and July of 2018!

Performance Dates are: June 29, 30, July 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 2018. Friday performancs are at 7:30pm. Saturday performanes are scheduled for 3:00pm and 7:30pm, with a matinee perfrmance each Sunday at 3:00pm.

In celebration of our great nation, there will be a special performance on July 4th at 3:00pm

Audiences can enjoy our Educational Performanes each Saturday afternoon, with an exciting pre-show demonstration in the Liberty Mountain Garden beside the Joy Peformance Center, with a talkback with the cast and creative team immediately following the main performance. Find out more about the Educational Performances by clicking HERE.

Caleb Ryan Sigmon is returning for his fifth season as Artistic and Fight Director for the show, and is slated to spearhead the artistic growth for the company through 2020.


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