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The Madness of King George III

By Liberty Mountain, May 2 2018 01:22AM

We want to show you both sides of the conversation! During Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama, you'll be whisked away to the royal chambers of His Majesty, King George III (God Save the King!) as he deals with the rabble-rousing colonists of the Carolinas.

Did you know that he became known as "The Mad King" later in life? 8 years after the Battle of Kings Mountain, the King developed what doctors called an “acute mania,” and was known to have episodes of complete derangement, speaking nonsense of hours on end. Historians who have examined the King’s remains found a high concentration of arsenic in his hair, indicating arsenic poisoning from primitive medicines or cosmetics may have been to blame for the king’s legendary madness, but the actual cause remains a mystery.

Experience what happens as his patience (and game plan for victory) unravels right before your eyes in our immersive theatrical production opening on June 29th: Click here for tickets and to reserve your seat in the action.


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