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Nancy Ward: An Unsung Hero of the Revolution

By Liberty Mountain, Apr 18 2018 01:14AM

During the first act of Liberty Mountain, you meet Nancy Ward (Nanyehi or ᎾᏅᏰᎯ in Cherokee) who was known as Beloved Woman. She believed in peaceful coexistence with the white settlers and helped her people as a negotiator and an ambassador.

Nancy Ward’s cousin, Dragging Canoe (also featured in our production) wanted to ally with the British against the settlers. While the British supported Dragging Canoe’s war by supplying weapons, Nancy was warning American soldiers about the planned attacks, trying to prevent retaliations against her people. She even sent food in form of cattle to the starving North Carolina militia.

Eventually, the Beloved Woman negotiated a peace treaty between her people and the Americans. After the treaty the Americans were able to send troops to support George Washington’s army against the British General Cornwallis in the American Revolution.

She died in 1822, or possibly 1824, before the Cherokee were forced away from their remaining lands during the Trail of Tears.


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