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"Every American should know the story..."

By Liberty Mountain, May 6 2018 03:49AM

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Production is almost underway for Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The play will run at the Joy Performance Center in downtown Kings Mountain.

Liberty Mountain tells the story of the settling of the Carolinas by hardy Scots-Irish immigrants who came to America to start new lives, raise families, work and worship, and how they became caught up in the conflict of the struggle for independence from Great Britain.

Their story culminates in the Battle of Kings Mountain in October, 1780, which historians agree was the turning point in the Revolution. In an hour of savage hand-to-hand combat, Patriot militiamen defeated a larger and better-trained force of Loyalists, triggering a series of Patriot victories that led to the British surrender at Yorktown a year later.

Liberty Mountain features a company of more than 30 theatre artists in a fast-moving, action-packed drama. Playwright Robert Inman says, “The talented cast and crew bring our audience a production that is true to history, highly entertaining, and inspiring. Every American should know the story of Kings Mountain and the crucial role it played in granting us the freedoms we enjoy today.”

Director Caleb Sigmon has been guiding Liberty Mountain since its premier in 2014. He says, “We use the entire auditorium to bring the story to life. We immerse the audience in the action. It’s great entertainment for the entire family.” The play incorporates authentic weapons and costumes.

Information on Liberty Mountain is available on the production’s website:, including performance dates and times and online ticket ordering, and on the play’s Facebook page. Group ticket rates are available.


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