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By Liberty Mountain, Jun 1 2017 04:39AM

We are excited to officially announce one of our most exciting additions to our 2017 Season… the debut of our CD album Fire & Sword, featuring the voices of Liberty Mountain – The Revolutionary Drama.

This project has been carefully designed and orchestrated to transport the listener into the American Revolution. The CD features songs from the epic drama, as well as gripping narration underscored with heart-pounding music. Fire & Sword is narrated by Robert Inman, playwright of the show, and former WBTV news anchorman. The soundtrack provides a full storyline of the events that led up to the Battle of Kings Mountain… the battle that turned the tide of the War for Independence.

Songs on the CD feature live instruments and vocals, headed up by the show’s new Music Director, Addi Berry. She is based out of New York City, and will be spending the summer in Kings Mountain, NC while working on the drama. The soundtrack has been professionally produced and recorded, with great attention to detail and quality.

“We aren’t releasing the CD’s for sale online,” says Caleb Ryan Sigmon, who is the Artistic Director of the show, and headed up the project’s storyline and orchestration. “We want to give our audience members the first chance to take this experience home with them… For right now, we are only planning on selling copies of Fire & Sword in our theatre lobby gift shop. If you want the CD, you’ll have to come see the show!”

Liberty Mountain – The Revolutionary Drama plays at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain, NC with performances on weekends, June 23rd – July 16th, 2017. Tickets are available now and selling quickly. Reserve your seats online at:

By Liberty Mountain, May 22 2017 04:58PM

By Robert Inman

We’re a week away from starting rehearsals for the fourth season of Liberty Mountain in Kings Mountain, and our thoughts turn to our ancestors who lived the story and shaped the outcome of the American Revolution. They took up arms, and many sacrificed their lives, to defend and preserve the freedoms they held dear, and none was more important to them than religious expression.

To understand how crucial this was to the settlers of the Carolinas, you have to go back to their roots in Northern Ireland. Many were Scots-Irish Presbyterians who fled poverty and misery in that land, compounded by religious persecution. The “official” religion of the British Empire in the 1700’s was the Church of England, and those who didn’t swear allegiance to that church were punished, often brutally.

In the American colonies, they saw the opportunity to start a new life, one in which they were free to worship as they pleased. They came here, built homes and farms and churches and raised God-fearing families. But they were still subjects of the British king, and the Crown continued to attempt to thrust the Church of England on them. When British troops occupied the Carolinas and those who were still loyal to the king went on a rampage of murder and mayhem, these Scots-Irish rose up and fought back.

The Battle of Kings Mountain in October, 1780 – the turning point of the Revolution – involved a Patriot force of some 900 and a thousand Loyalists under the command of British major Patrick Ferguson. In seeking to intimidate the western area of the Carolinas, he burned churches, hung Patriots, and threatened to lay waste to their communities. The Patriots were enraged, and when they destroyed Ferguson’s force at Kings Mountain, they were striking a bold blow to ensure their freedoms – including worship – survived in an independent land.

That quest for religious freedom is a cornerstone of our play, Liberty Mountain. We especially welcome church groups to our performances because we think it’s important for their members to recognize and honor the sacrifices of our ancestors who made today’s America of religious freedom and tolerance possible.

Liberty Mountain opens June 23 at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain for 17 performances. Information on the play, group rates, and online ticket ordering, is available at our website: and on our Facebook page.

By Liberty Mountain, May 15 2017 10:11PM

By Robert Inman

When I first started writing stage plays some years ago, a wise theatre person told me, “Remember, it’s all about the audience.” Everybody associated with a play – playwright, director, actors, crew members, volunteers – works for the folks in the seats. If everybody onstage and backstage does their jobs right, the audience has a satisfying experience.

Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama, which opens at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain on June 23, is my eighth play. And it’s still all about the audience. The job of my colleagues and me is to transport our audiences into the Carolina backcountry of 1780, to portray a cast of characters who are authentic and compelling, and to tell an important story using all the stagecraft at our disposal. We ask the audience to take a leap of faith with us into that time and place, and we help them do that through sight and sound, lights and music, words and actions. If we are successful, the audience “gets it.”

Liberty Mountain has all the elements of a powerful tale – immigrants who come to America seeking a new life, the tragic conflict among neighbors who are divided by loyalty to the king on the one hand and the hunger for independence on the other, and an epic battle that turns the tide of the American Revolution. It’s all the ingredients for a ripping good story, and we do our best to immerse our audiences in it.

Every year when we begin rehearsals for Liberty Mountain, I always remind the company of why my wise theatre mentor told me about working for our audiences. At every performance, we get the opportunity to use our talent and creativity to give the folks in the seats a gift of great theatre experience.

Liberty Mountain will have 17 performances this summer, our fourth season of producing the drama. We’re on stage for four weekends beginning June 23 – Friday nights at 7:30, Saturdays at 3:00pm and 7:30, and Sundays at 3:00pm. Plus, there’s a special 3:00pm performance on Tuesday, July 4. Visit our website: for online ticket ordering and information on group rates.

We promise you’ll leave the theatre entertained, informed, and inspired. That’s our job.

After all, it’s all about the audience.

By Liberty Mountain, Apr 3 2017 04:57AM

Teachers from across Cleveland County came to the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain this past week for a brand new training session hosted by Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama.

During the breakout session, one teacher said, “I have been through lots of staff development and continued education events, but have never seen anything like this! Absolutely amazing.”

The instructors included fourth, seventh, and eighth grade teachers that specialize in teaching Social Studies and Language Arts. The program unveiled a new campaign announcing Liberty Mountain’s efforts in furthering education in the community, and was followed up with a surprise performance by actors from the show. During the lunch break, a brainstorming talkback was hosted by playwright Robert Inman and artistic director Caleb Ryan Sigmon.

Inman is well-known for his years of serving as a news anchor on WBTV, and for numerous novels and television movies. He said before the group, “How many folks can say that they have a battlefield in their backyard? We are a resource for you to use,” he reminded teachers.

The organization is providing field trip opportunities and hands-on, immersive assembly programs for schools in multiple counties, as well as equipping teachers with a study guide of the play, including fully-detailed lesson plans that match North Carolina teaching standards and curriculum. They have partnered with educators to create a tool that will change the game. Sigmon had this to say, “One of our main goals is to ‘revolutionize’ the way history is taught in the classroom. Using our one-of-a-kind lesson plans and unique methods of attack, students will find themselves swept up in the American Revolution.”

Liberty Mountain - The Revolutionary Drama is a live production that brings the epic Battle of Kings Mountain to life onstage. Tickets are now on sale for the 2017 Season! Reserve your seats for the drama through the website, where you can find more information about the show, and read about how they are impacting the community through theatre. Visit their website:


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