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Thousands have seen the compelling story that celebrates the men, women, and children who changed the course of the American Revolution.

Over 30 actors, technicians, designers and volunteers bring LIBERTY MOUNTAIN to life. The production is gigantic. Be immersed in the excitement of the drama… hear the music, smell the gunpowder, see the story unfold before you (and even right next to you in the aisle!)


In September 1780, Major Patrick Ferguson issued a challenge to the rebel militias to lay down their arms or suffer the consequences. In response, people across Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and beyond rallied together to answer Ferguson's threat and fight for their freedom.  They marched more that 300 miles through rugged country and weather to face a well-trained group of superior size and strength.  What they did at Kings Mountain turned the tide of the American Revolution.

"One of the Greatest Dramas I Have Ever Experienced."

- Sons Of The American Revolution

Kings Mountain Chapter

Come see the epic battles. Experience the tragedy and heartbreak, the danger and excitement. There is music, laughter, blood, redemption, romance and liberty. Join us for an experience you will never forget.